NTESCO & Jar Test service

NTESCO & Jar Test service

Flocculation or Coagulation is fundamental in every water treatment process and it is a propaedeutic step for next processes: sedimentation, filtration, disinfection…depending on water using purpose. 

Jar test is a pilot-scale laboratory test that simulates coagulation or flocculation with differing chemical doses. The purpose of the jar test is to estimate the minimum coagulant dose required to achieve certain water quality goals.

Jar Test is extremely necessary to:

  • Determine the optimal: type of chemical, chemical concentration and pH index for flocculation.
  • Determine the optimal stirring speed and settling time for flocculation.
  • Determine the amount (cost) of chemical treatment to improve the performance of the treatment plant.

With more than 10 successful projects in high turbidity water treatment and reuse wastewater plants, NTESCO has a high qualified and experienced engineer team and full range of specific equipment to perform effective and precise Jar test service.

In case, customer wants a reputable and experienced supplier for Jar test service, to:

  • Check the status and processing efficiency of the current system.
  • Building a high turbidity water treatment system or reuse wastewater plant
  • Repair and upgrade existing treatment systems.…

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