NWRO - Hyper Filtration Technology

The NWRO system is a system used to adjust the water quality to be suitable for drinking water, food and beverage production ,as well as to solve the water quality problem that is affected by the drought that causes unqualified water quality for consumption beside this our NWRO is a unique advance water treatment used to treated sea water become to City water with technology of energy recovery that make the water operation cost is lowest and highest effective.

Reverse Osmosis is very effective technology in treating brackish, surface and ground water for both large and small flows applications. it has become the most widely used filtration technology at industrial level. RO applications include: impurity water, desalination, ultrapure water, waste water treatment and reduce – reuse – recycle process
The matter of concern of R.O system are:
– Low energy requirements
– Standardized and compact design
– Easy operation and maintenance
– Modular design also makes expansion an easy option.


  • High recovery system: 70-75 % with NBWRO and 40-45% with NSWRO
  • Assure effluent water quality.
  • Adapt to non-chemical treatment process.
  • Lowest operation cost with energy saving technology
  • Reliable operation with automation integrated intelligent program
  • Easy operation & monitoring by “one-touch button”
  • On-line monitoring able to be integrated into SCADA or ethernet.
  • Mind-free with NTESCO 24/7 service & customer satisfy program.

NTESCO Results

With NWRO system, customer can ensure effluent water quality that match their specific requirements. Customer have mind-free with their old problems: human mistake, high downtime, high operation cost, water scarcity and non-standard water quality…