NHFM - Hollow Fiber Membrane System

NTESCO HFM is one of the most prevailing processes for water and wastewater treatment. Over the past decade, this technology has experienced and proven process with rapid development under NTESCO know how experience that has spanned a wide range of applications in various fields:

  • Smallest pore size (0.01 um)
  • Taylor-made system
  • Intelligent cleaning Process
  • Proven effective system

NHFM system was installed at many fields that is the result of NHFM benefits can supply to the customers:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Reduce operation cost.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Non-chemical filtration process.
  • Low effluent water turbidity.
  • Return waste water to valued .
  •  Membrane lifetime 2 years minimum.

NHFM is not just a membrane but it’s Operation proven process

NTESCO Solution Highlight

Now a day, NTESCO create our own proven process with rapid development of hollow fiber membrane (0.01 um) under NTESCO know how and knowledge
to answer current global demand saving water source together with solve water pollution and develop original technology non-chemical process to remove very small particle, bacteria, and virus but still remaining necessary dissolved minerals those important for human and animal life.

Smallest pore size in UF: Our NHFM uses hollow fiber membrane from well-brand membrane (NFS certificate) with the smallest pore size in ultra- filtration: 0.01 micron. Assure reduction log4 – log6.

Taylor-made system: With NTESCO unique N-HFM Design Modular Systems. Match every requirement for each customer. N-HFM system is based on standardized membrane modules. These units are designed and manufactured with the objective of easy maintenance and expedient and compact footprint.

Cleaning functions included: easier and friendly operation with automatic cleaning functions is available, not same as the others.

Proven effective system: Over 100 NHFM system was installed at many fields: Aquaculture, Residential, Industrial Water plant, Drinking water plant, Water recycling treatment process.

N-HFM' benefit

For more information and to choose the right equipment for your processing needs, please contact us for advice.