Water and energy efficiency - drivers of
Food and Beverage

Water treatment is a critical aspect of operations in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry, ensuring the quality and safety of water used in various processes. The F&B sector relies on water for a range of purposes, including ingredient processing, cleaning, sanitation, and beverage production.

Water treatment in the F&B industry is integral to ensuring product quality, meeting regulatory requirements, and promoting sustainable and responsible business practices. Tailoring water treatment strategies to the specific needs of each F&B facility is essential for successful and efficient operations.


Need to treat water in food & beverage

To do this effectively, the food and beverage processing industry has to manage every aspect of water usage. Managers have to make every drop count – from transporting source water from wells or surface water, to treating water used in production of food products, to internal reuse within the processing facilities, to wastewater treatment and discharge.

With innovative products and service capabilities, we deliver solutions that are energy efficient, reliable and compliant with the applicable regulations, standards and codes.

Our water-related applications:

  • Drinking Water
  • Beverage Filtration
  • Boiler and Hot Water Treatment
  • Process Water Purification
  • Production Utility Water
  • Wastewater Recycle

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For many years, NTESCO has been a leading expert in the field of Food & Beverage water treatment in Vietnam with hundreds of projects done across the country. We also offer systems to help you recycle and reuse processed water, thereby enhancing system efficiency, reducing water emissions, and improving the overall sustainability of your operation. And now, we became a reliable partner of many leading Food & Beverage enterprises in Vietnam.