NCOP - Combine Oxidation Process

NTESCO always listens, learns, and adapts with our experience to local environments, ensuring the best possible design customized to meet all specific needs. That is the reason we design and offer NCOP as a new disinfection system for a future step.

Ntesco Combine Oxidation Process (NCOP) is the ideal approach for removing these new types of water contaminations. NCOP is the combination of two or more processes to generate hydroxyl radicals (OH radicals) or to increase the number of them.

The OH radicals contribute to the oxidation of undesirable substances. Compared to other oxidants, the OH radical has a considerably higher oxidation potential.

The NCOP system is a novel way to keep Bromate formation under control whiles simultaneously treating unwanted contaminants. NCOP is a simple solution and provides a package system able to update existing ozone existing plants not require any civil work or existing treatment chains.

Product System Feature

  • Enjoy with high-quality product and compact.
  • Ensure water quality with undesired free-organic / inorganic.
  • Environment-Friendly with the non-chemical process.
  • Enhancement oxidation process for existing ozone plant.
  • Continuous uses process of water with non-residual ozone process required.
  • Cost effective.
  • Suitable for a wide range of organic/inorganic
  • Residual ozone destruction.
  • Ideal solution for mitigating bromate formation.
  • Compact and skid mounted


For more information and to choose the right equipment for your processing needs, please contact us for advice.