TD Filter-Unique Polishing Technology

Water is unquestionably vital to human life. Most of surface of our planet is made of water and majority to human too. The important of Primary filter in you water is TD-FILTER series is our NTESCO special design for internal/external coating special for any kind of water source such as deep well water, municipal or sea water.

Municipal tap water is usually safe to drink. But just because your water will not harm your health does not mean it is of high quality. Safe tap water may still contain contaminants that give your water an unpleasant taste, smell, or cloudy appearance.

TD-Filter protecting your health

NTESCO TD- Filter is a unique designed process to meet custom primary filtration requirements. It can be used alone or ahead of other water treatment devices for widely application with specific advantages:

Anti- corrosion coating & material: TD-FILTER series is special design for internal/external coating and specific material for any kind of water source such as deep well water, municipal or sea water.

Variety specific media beds: for specific application by our specific selected media bed: sand, pyro M, carbo M, resin …

Hydraulic Unique Design: TD-FILTER is unique of High rate -filtration perfect for future filtration is small foot print but high efficiency filtration.

Make it clean -> make it clear(water): our NTESCO – TD is 360 degree of cleaning mode. It ensures effective cleaning and flushes away all the unwanted material. More efficiency cleaning with less water consumption.

Outlet turbidity < 2 NTU: Proven effective with nearly 100 units of NTESCO TD-Filter was installed at variety applications in food & beverage, pharmaceutical, aquaculture …

Health Protection design proven process: NTESCO TD is verify for water for human living process and protection environment by following drinking water standard requirement.


— Health Safety Protection
— Easy operation
— Efficiency and long-life equipment.
— Small foot print & nice design Decoration Design
— Effluent water quality stable from bottom-start to bottom-end.