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Chemical-Free Disinfection

Disinfection of water using ozone is advantageous compared to more traditional methods, such as chlorine or UV disinfection. Firstly, ozone is more effective at deactivating viruses and bacteria than any other disinfection treatment, while at the same time requiring very little contact time, thus reducing the overall treatment residence time while simultaneously leaving no chemical residues.

Due to the high oxidation potential, ozone will effectively degrade microbes and virus, causing cell membrane rupture and decomposition of essential biomolecular components in for example bacteria. Ozone can be used to oxidize hydrocarbons of cellular lipid bi-layers to kill contaminant microbes.

NZON offers a range of advanced wastewater and water solutions to help operators around the world achieve their required water effluent quality while delivering optimal performance, reliable operations with the chemical-free process.

Customer benefits:

  •  Enjoy with high-quality product and compact.
  • Ensure water quality with undesired free-organic / inorganic.
  • Operation cost saving.
  • No waste water in system
  • Environment-Friendly with the non-chemical process

NZON features:

Cleaning and Disinfection: Ozonated water can effectively kill viruses, bacteria, pesticides that are placed on objects or substances. Consider washing vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat in ozonated water to get rid of bacteria, viruses, and contaminants, while increasing the shelf life of the product. In addition to this, it also disinfects kitchen counters and surfaces by deactivating viruses and bacteria and getting rid of smells.

  • Residual ozone destruction.
  • Ideal solution for mitigating bromate formation.
  • Compact and skid mounted.
  • Cost effective.
  • Suitable for a wide range of organic/inorganic pollutants
  • Easy to use with controlled by Programmable Logic Controller.

For more information and to choose the right equipment for your processing needs, please contact us for advice.