Sludge Management SYSTEM – Ideal & Proven

Long presenting a challenge for the water treatment industry, sludge is the by-product extracted from the slurry during the process of industrial or municipal wastewater treatment.

Sludge is a side product of several wastewater treatment stages like screening, DAF, biological treatment etc. Sludge dewatering is a process where wastewater sludge is reduced in weight and volume and separated into liquid and solid components.

Sludge dewatering is a mechanical process to reduce wastewater sludge in weight and volume and separate into liquid and solid components. The most commonly used technologies for sludge dewatering are pressing and centrifuging. The amount of sludge depends on the type of wastewater treatment processes. And sludge
dewatering is the practice of minimizing waste by volume to prepare for its effective disposal


Specific System Design

Variety of sizes
Suitable for small as well as large-scale wastewater treatment plants.
Clog-resistant design
The In-built self-cleaning mechanism enables dewatering of oily sludge
Unique thickening ring technology
Made of advanced composite materials exhibit light weight coupled with high strength along the direction of the reinforcing fiber.
Simple operation and maintenance
Thanks to its simple design, operation and monitoring of the screw presses of FDS series is intuitive, easy and does not require daily maintenance. It can operate fully automatic 24/7.
Easy integration into existing infrastructure
Small footprint, can be installed in sites with restricted space. Simple interface allows effortless connection to existing wastewater treatment system.
Complete containerized solution (option)


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