NTESCO can provide various processes within the mobile water treatment units. The units are very suitable for:

  • Emergency water treatment and water treatment during calamities.
  • As temporary process-units, for water production during repair of a water treatment plant.
  • For the extension or replacement of an existing water treatment system.

The N-mobile water treatment technologies are pre-packaged on a skid or in a container for maximum mobility and rapid response. Available as standard or modular systems, they are pre-engineered with ‘plug-and-play’ connections for ease of use. The number of containers depends on requires treatment. We have a wide portfolio of N-mobile water treatment units.

The systems are very complete. The only things that our customer will need to add to the system are power, water connections and sewer connections.


  • Speed of response and on time delivery.
  • Free foundation cost.
  • Rental is available option.

NZON Container Package


iZAL Container Package


nCOP Container Package


TD Filtration Container Package