Sediment Tanks Water & Waste Water

N-SDM-SLC sedimentation tank is used to separate raw impurities from source water. Sedimentation takes place under the influence of gravity. During intermittent sedimentation, suspended particles are unevenly distributed along the height of the wastewater layer. After a period of time, a layer of clear water appears at the top of the sedimentation device.

The further you go to the bottom, the higher the concentration of suspended matter and at the bottom, sediment is formed. Over time, the height of clear water and sediment increases. After a specified period of time, only two layers of clear water and sediment remain in the device. Next, if the sediment layer is not removed (taken out), it will also be compacted and the sediment layer height will be reduced.

Sedimentation tank structure include 3 process coagulant, flocculent an sedimentation process in one design able to loaded up turbidity >150NTU use for water treatment for primary treatment and waste water in secondary treatment.

Function and benefit

– Small foot print.
– Easy to operated
– 60% Save cost of purchase water
– Raw water driving unit turbidity 150 NTU.
– Treated water less to 2 NTU.
– Fluidized flter.
– Internal coating epoxy or FRP coating (Sea water application)


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