NTESCO – R.O in feed water treatment for industrial boiler

NTESCO – R.O in feed water treatment for industrial boiler

In any boiler system, feed water quality is very important factor that contribute to the operation and efficiency of the boiler. Boiler water standards such as: TCVN 7704-2007 (Vietnam), ASME (USA), EN 12 952-12 (Europe)…have been established to set water quality standards for prevents corrosion, deposition and harmful boiler problems. It’s mean, the more better quality feed water, the more saver consumption of: water, chemicals and energy for boiler to produce hot steam.

This inadequate maintenance of boilers and hot water systems can bring high costs, particularly in terms of increased power consumption, repairs and downtime. Most boiler feed water was used to treated with softener. However, nowadays reverse osmosis – R.O filtration is increasingly used, especially for modern boilers with high temperatures and pressures.

If a boiler is not working to it’s full capacity more energy is required for the boiler to meet its operational use. This cost is incurred due to a build-up of scale within the boiler, causing damage such as cracked tubes, or on high pressure boilers and turbine blade erosion.

As RO removes contaminants that lead to scaling, the introduction of RO permeate can help by reducing the dissolved solids that create scale. Improving the efficiency of the boiler, increasing its ability to work at full capacity and reducing energy costs.

Boiler blow-down is water that is intentionally sent to drain to maintain low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) content in the boiler water. This avoids TDS carrying over into the evaporated steam, minimizing scale and other specific problems. High quantities of blow-down is a common problem among boiler systems that have a high volume of suspended solids present in the feed water, causing increased costs in water use.

Benefit of R.O treatment:

  • improve heat transfer efficiency for highest efficiency
  • Extend the life of boilers and steam-using equipment
  • Ensure safety when operating.
  • Ensure steam quality.
  • Limit furnace downtime (for maintenance and repair)
  • Environmentally friendly (due to limited use of cleaning chemicals)
  • Save boiler operating and maintenance costs

Now a day, NTESCO is an expert in feed water treatment for industrial boiler with R.O systems – NWRO with more than 10 completed projects in many manufacturing fields.

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