NTESCO applies energy saving technology to reduce operating costs

Water and wastewater are indispensable elements in the operations of most manufacturing industries. Operating costs of water and wastewater treatment systems often account for a large proportion of the total cost of production and business operations of an enterprise. Therefore, the application of technologies, equipment, and solutions towards energy saving has been an inevitable requirement and trend in water treatment works.

NTESCO is one of the few contractors capable of implementing wastewater recycling & seawater desalination projects on an industrial scale in Vietnam. In these projects, electricity costs (especially high pressure pumps for R.O systems) account for a large proportion. Therefore, when implementing these projects,

NTESCO has selected and used materials and equipment that meet the goals: efficiency, durability and electricity saving. One of them is the APP high pressure pump line from Danfoss – a world-famous industrial equipment manufacturer from Denmark, used in NTESCO’s seawater RO systems with technology. Unique iSafe ERDs (energy recovery technology) will help:

  • Save electricity costs.
  • Save system space.
  • Increase productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Increase system lifetime

NTESCO always try to find and use quality, effective and energy-saving solutions and equipment to apply to our projects in future.


APP high pressure pump with iSafe ERDs (energy recovery technology) in NTESCO’ NSWRO systems