Media: Carbo M/ Pyro M

We carry water filtration media for different types of water treatment applications, such as carbon ( charcoal ), coconut shell granulated activated carbon ( GAC ) and more. The media can be purchased in bulk to replace exhausted media in your existing residential or commercial water filtration systems. Most of the media is available in 1 cubic foot (1 cu.ft.) bags.

This is a basic index of activated carbon that characterizes the surface area of the pores as well as the adsorption capacity of the carbon. The iodine index is calculated by the mass of iodine that can be adsorbed by a unit mass of coal (mg/g). The principle of the measurement method is based on the adsorption of a single layer of iodine molecules on the surface of coal.

The higher the iodine index, the higher the activation level. The iodine value of Carbo-M is very high (over 1000) superior to most other types of GAC on the market (usually from 500 – 1000).
  • Carbo-M
  • Pyro-M

NTESCO researched for the future of GAC. The CARBO-M is a selected grade of bituminous coal carbon and activated by double-layer function
to create Carbo-M can regenerate purpose of expansion lifetime.

Carbo-M is a perfect balance of adsorption and filtration that is cause make Carbo-M is suited for removal of low molecular weight organic compounds and their chlorinated by-product ideal for removing oxidizing agent process water. Which can be used in a large range of water applications and portable water and recycle and reuse water.

High Iodine number & Double layer activated: The iodine number as a quality control parameter of activated carbon. Iodine number is a widely
used parameter for activated carbon testing for its simplicity and a rapid assessment of adsorbent quality. The higher the iodine number, the higher the level of activation.

Carbo M is difference with iodine number > 1000 (mg/g) higher than most of others.


NTESCO PYRO-M media is a unique structure of the best ways to treated a problem of groundwater is with strict regulation of the substances in water by 1 step filtration media under penetrate and adsorption.

Product form Thailand: 100% product imported from Thailand.

Great performance: Pyro M is greater performance than old conventional media such as manganese green sand & Birm, It is able to remove Fe up to 15 ppm, manganese up to 3 ppm with single pass filtration and effective in removing and oxidizing As (III), As IV), where Birm is not effective.

Continuous intermittence process: only requires a small amount of bleach.

Longer lifetime: 100% full body natural media of manganese oxide.

Natural media: Pyro M is fully supported by comprehensive technical literature and support with proven case history in Asia.

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