Peace of Mind for Your Water System

It normal businesses, the 4P factors are:
Price (reasonable price);
Place (meets market needs);
Product (quality product);
Promotion (focused marketing activities) is very important in production and business activities.

But with NTESCO – a professional company providing solutions, technology, equipment, and public systems industry – the 5th P: Post-sales service (after-sales service, maintenance) is the most important. Because more than anyone else, We understand that good maintenance of equipment and machinery gives customers peace of mind in operations production and business activities and satisfaction in long-term cooperation.

NTESCO provides a full range of preventive & corrective maintenance services, always ensuring operation Stability and efficiency of each device and system is managed by a team of professional and experienced technicians Experienced and dedicated to the following advantages:

– Receive and handle incidents 24/7.
– Using the NTESCO App on smartphones helps customers always receive information. The most timely and complete information about the maintenance process and equipment status.
– Professional and modern testing and analysis equipment.
– Genuine equipment and spare parts when needing replacement.
– Handle problems quickly, thoroughly and responsibly.
– Report maintenance results and provide professional advice to avoid similar problems

  • Benefits
  • Procedure
  • Extend the service life of current water treatment equipment and systems.
  • Limit unexpected and emergency incidents that occur during use.
  • Detect and handle cases that need repair early, minimize serious effects and reduce repair costs.
  • Quickly and effectively handle arising failures.
  • Minimize downtime and optimize the operation of system devices.


Our maintenance process:

1. Make a list of equipment and systems that need maintenance Make a list of all the equipment and water treatment systems your customers are using that need to be maintained.

2. Survey the current situation. NTESCO maintenance specialists review features and measure parameters using specialized equipment. From there, determine the device status or cause of the problem.

3. Make a maintenance/repair plan. Based on the survey results, plan maintenance or repair to suit the customer’s production situation and submit it to the customer for approval.

4. Prepare for maintenance and servicing. Propose necessary equipment and supplies for maintenance/repair and carry out the plan approved by the investor. Ensure implementation according to the committed plan and schedule.

5. Perform maintenance and servicing. Proceed according to the given plan. Then report the work and sign the acceptance record with the customer.

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