NTESCO – Maintenance Service

The main aim of prompt equipment maintenance revolves around maintaining top functionality and minimizing breakdowns. Maintenance management of water treatment equipment includes repair, replacement and servicing. It ensures their operational viability and prevents fluctuations in the production process.

NTESCO maintenance team is the leading maintenance specialist in the water treatment sector. We provide a full range of maintenance services, always ensuring operation stability and efficiency of each device and system

  1. Preventive maintenance: is carried out at predetermined intervals by following a prescribed criteria. It is time-driven and based on the assumption that usability of equipment will decline over its useful life-cycle. It includes activities like regular equipment inspection, partial or complete overhauls, membrane and media changes etc.
  1. Corrective maintenance: restores any failed pieces of equipment. It is typically performed at irregular intervals since technicians don’t know when a certain machine will break down. The main aim here is to fix a problem in the shortest possible time using three steps: diagnosis, repair and verification.
  1. Routine maintenance: not dependent on any broken parts or downtime, it includes some necessary activities such as checking, cleaning and replacing membrane, media…
  • Receive and handle incidents 24/7.
  • Using the NTESCO App on smartphones helps customers always receive information. The most timely and complete information about the maintenance process and equipment status.
  • Professional and modern testing and analysis equipment.
  • Genuine equipment and spare parts when needing replacement.
  • Handle problems quickly, thoroughly and responsibly.
  • Report maintenance results and provide professional advice to avoid similar problems
  • Extend the service life of current water treatment equipment and systems.
  • Limit unexpected and emergency incidents that occur during use.
  • Detect and handle cases that need repair early, minimize serious effects and reduce repair costs.
  • Quickly and effectively handle arising failures.
  • Minimize downtime and optimize the operation of system devices.

    Replace duplex SS pipe & repair high-pressure pump for desalination system at Kien Giang – 2023
Finished the maintenance