Lúc 23:57:07 ngày 31/03/2023

NSMS - Ntesco Sludge Management system.

Long presenting a challenge for the water treatment industry, sludge is the by-product extracted from the slurry during the process of industrial or municipal wastewater treatment.

Sludge is a side product of several wastewater treatment stages like screening, DAF, biological treatment etc. Sludge dewatering is a process where wastewater sludge is reduced in weight and volume and separated into liquid and solid components.

Sludge dewatering is a mechanical process to reduce wastewater sludge in weight and volume and separate into liquid and solid components. The most commonly used technologies for sludge dewatering are pressing and centrifuging. The amount of sludge depends on the type of wastewater treatment processes.

And sludge dewatering is the practice of minimizing waste by volume to prepare for its effective disposal

Widely application:

      Foods Processing

      Meat Production

      Milk Production

      Waste water treatment

      Reduce – Reuse – Recycle process