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NCOP - Hyper Oxidation

N-Combine Oxidation Process  (NCOPs) is the ideal approach for removing these new types of water contaminations highest remove rate of biological. COP is the combination of two or more processes to generate hydroxyl radicals (OH- radicals) or to increase the number of them.

N-Combine Oxidation Process  (NCOPs) are interesting techniques for process and drinking water production. These processes use hydroxyl radicals as (secondary) oxidant. These radicals are formed from a less reactive, primary oxidant and have a very high standard reduction potential and so are able to oxidize a large number of organic compounds in water, yielding very low rest concentrations of these compounds . To increase the hydroxyl radical production high energy electromagnetic waves, usually radiation, are used in so-called (N-photochemical NPOPs). These reactors consist of a vessel in which one or more ultraviolet radient are present in order to irradiate the water. 
The OH- radicals contribute to the oxidation of undesirable substances. Compared to other oxidants, the OHradical has a
considerably highest oxidation potential.
NCOPs is an intelligent radical oxidation and reaction system enabling information elegant and suitable water containing a high level of bromide.NCOPs  system is a novel way to keep Bromate formation under control whiles simultaneously treating unwanted contaminants. NCOPs  is a simple solution and provides containerize package system able to update existing ozone existing plants not require any civil works.