TD - Filtration

Lúc 02:13:56 ngày 01/06/2023

TD - Filtration & adsorption

Filtration is the process of removing unwanted particle and biological contaminated from water sources such as suspend solid ,human hair , colloid partcle or chemical harmful 

TD-series is our NTESCO's special design for internal/external coating special for any kind of water source such as deepwell water, municipal or sea water.Hydraulic loading of TD-SERIES is unique of calculation design of base on high rate filter is combined with slow filtration and pressure filtration. TD-SERIES maintain pressure head loss as the influent head loss.

certainly filtration will not be enough to eliminate all the contaminants in water from an unknown source for more information and test up water before selected product please contact us for information. TD-SERIES function and model.


To remove heavy mental such as Iron , Manganese , Asenic or chemical harmful  from water take places by TD-FILTER series by our specific selected media bed, can be backwash and intermittent regenerate by following head loss and timer control under the program of the human-friendly control conception.


To aims bring clean water to meet the requirements of the residential, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial and aquaculture applications. Filtration system can reduce the concentration of dust composed of particles, algae, virus,and suspended particles derived from water,


To aims bring clean water by absoption process with high standard iodine no of granualr activated carbon. Adsoption system can reduce the chemical harmfull concentration ,odor , color water and biological process able to apply.


For highly require of softener water or purify water to use in specific process or solution areas ,our TD-ION can be automatic backwash and regenerate under the program of the human-friendly control conception.