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NSDM-Sedimentation Unit

NSDM-SLC Sediment is used to separate raw impurities from raw water. Deposition takes place under the influence of gravity.During the intermittent sedimentation process, suspended particles are unevenly distributed along the height of the waste water layer. Over a period of time, the top of the settling device appears a clear layer of water. The further to the bottom, the higher the concentration of suspended substance and at the bottom, the sediment is formed. Over time, the height of clear water and sediment increases. After a defined period of time, there are only two layers of clear water and sediment left in the device. Next, if the sediment is not removed, it will be pressed and the sediment layer height will be reduced.
In continuous settling tanks, there are similar areas but their height does not change during the process.

Horizontal sedimentation tanks are rectangular tanks with two or more compartments operating simultaneously. Water moves from one end of the tank to the other.

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