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Best of disinfection and Oxidation choice. Non-chemical use for system low energy consumption. Our NZON system is easy to use and highly safety include, ozone is perfect for disinfection those need less contact time but strong disinfection. Our system was accepted in many field application such as pharmaceutical, aquaculture and food & beverage.

Best choice for investor and operation. One common method of disinfecting wastewater is ozonation (also known as ozone disinfection). NZON is an unstable gas that can destroy bacteria and viruses. It is formed when oxygen molecules (O2) collide with oxygen atoms to produce ozone gas . NZON is generated by an electrical discharge through dry air or pure oxygen and is generated onsite because it decomposes to elemental oxygen in a short amount of time. After generation, ozone is fed into a down-flow contact chamber containing the wastewater to be disinfected. From the bottom of the contact chamber, ozone is diffused into mix with the downward flowing wastewater. 

Ozone disinfection is generally used at medium- to large-sized plants after at least secondary treatment. Another common use for ozone in wastewater treatment is odor control.