Lúc 23:05:01 ngày 31/03/2023

i-ZAL (intelligent - Solid and Liquid Mix)

i-ZAL is system for intelligent mix and balance parameter in water such as Conductivity , Turbidity , Salinity and etc..., i-ZAL is non require any power to mix and important for most of all the thing is "real time on-line mixxing" 

Control monitor by Touch screen of "N-Smart Programe" touch on screen or real time adjustment water parameter. 


- Reduce lead time to prepared water .

- Non require Tank or Pond for mix.

- Real time requirement and monitor accurancy 98.99 % accurate value.

- Free-Operator hand automatic control by get user requirement parameter.

(I-ZAL system to control salinity in aquaculture business, installed by NTESCO)