NUV - Disinfection System

NUV: N-Ultraviolet (UV) rays are part of the natural light that comes from the sun. The UV spectrum is higher in frequency than visible light and lowers in frequency compared to x-rays. This also means that the UV spectrum has a larger wavelength than x-rays and a smaller wavelength than visible light and the order of energy, from low to high, is visible light, UV, than x-rays. As a water treatment technique, UV is known to be an effective disinfectant due to its strong germicidal (inactivating) ability. UV disinfects water containing bacteria and viruses and can be effective against protozoans.

Reliable chemical-free
treatment technology

The professional co-operated between NTESCO and Oversea specialist from Germany and USA company who professional in U.V varies application will ensure water quality supply to customer’s requirement.

Customer Benefit.

  • Compact and easy to install
  • High performance up to 400 j/m2 of U.V dose to destroyed undesired bacteria, virus.
  • Does not impact toxic by-product into the water
  • Easy operation like an on-off light.
  • With lamp down technology made U.V lamp lifetime is longer than other brands in the same field.
  • Housing material made by High-Density Poly Ethylene.100% non-corrosion.
  • Non chemical apply in process ,non-residual
  • Modify to developed existing process to COP (combine oxidation process) with current disinfection method.


For more information and to choose the right equipment for your processing needs, please contact us for advice.