Completed project: Semi NAS water treatment plant for shrimp hatchery at Ninh Thuan

Semi NAS process – water treatment plant for shrimp hatchery

Place: Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

Year : 2020

Background: Customer wans to upgrade their water treatment plant. They chosen NTESCO semi NAS , specific water treatment process for hatchery production..


  • 600 CMD for seawater area
  • 400 CMD for fresh water area

Equipment supply:

  • CQOS- Chlorine dioxide generator & disinfection unit
  • TD – Fitter
  • NCOP – advance oxidation system.
  • NHFM  – Hollow Fiber Membrane.


  • Natural clean seawater in your tanks
  • Less antibiotics and better yield on your batch
  • Robust & efficient solution
  • Small footprint with modular system design
  • Ensure seawater quality with low operation cost.