NTESCO – Expert in desalination

* Water scarcity – A real problem

Under the pressure of population growth and economic development, water is increasingly being exploited and used beyond the amount of water that can be recovered, the World faces major challenges in ensuring water security.. Urbanization, agricultural and industrial development and climate change are putting pressure on both the quality and quantity of water resources. Vietnam is also facing many challenges regarding water resources due to the following reasons:

  • Growing Population
  • Rapid increase in water demand in industrialization and urbanization 
  • Water pollution, untreated water when discharged, accounts for a large proportion.
  • Climate change causes droughts and saltwater intrusion.
  • Lack of clean water and unsafe water quality

* Desalination from sea water – an endless water source

We have overused groundwater, we have built too many dams, and we have exploited almost every river, every available source of fresh water. Therefore, although there are still many barriers, desalination is becoming increasingly necessary and urgent when the reality shows that clean water sources are gradually running out. Now a day, seawater advanced technology day by day is safer, cheaper and it will become popular and widely developed around the world.

Currently, scarcity of fresh water resources is occurring in many region of the world. In Vietnam, especially in coastal areas and places where it is difficult to access groundwater (non-saline), water supply… this situation is still a painful problem, causing difficulties in daily life and production.

* NTESCO – Expert in desalination.

At the beginning, with the mission “Resolving water crisis sustainably for better next generationNTESCO has researched with modern technologies under consultation of leading foreign partners and experts in the region. NTESCO has succeed in seawater desalination processes and systems, we became one of the few contractors that can perform “Expert in desalination” in industrial scale with huge capacity. Now a day, we had installed nearly 10  seawater desalination plants  in Vietnam with a total capacity: more than 3,000,000 liters of fresh water generated from seawater per day.