NTESCO and WATER challenges


According to the 2015 World Economic Forum, the primary threat to human welfare and happiness – now and in the next 10 years – is overexploitation of water resources. Worldwide, up to 6 in 10 people lack safe sanitation services and 3 in 10 lack safe clean water (UNICEF 2018).

Under the pressure of population growth and economic development, water is increasingly being exploited and used beyond the amount of water that can be recovered, the World faces major challenges in ensuring water security.. Urbanization, agricultural and industrial development and climate change are putting pressure on both the quality and quantity of water resources. Vietnam is also facing many challenges regarding water resources due to the following reasons:

  • Growing Population
  • Rapid increase in water demand in industrialization and urbanization 
  • Water pollution, untreated water when discharged, accounts for a large proportion.
  • Climate change causes droughts and saltwater intrusion.
  • Lack of clean water and unsafe water quality

Therefore, the inevitable trend of the global water treatment industry today is to reduce and reuse part of wastewater, create more clean water sources and ensure water quality for living and production.

Creating value for wastewater

In worldwide, less than half of wastewater is collected and less than 20% is treated before being released back into nature. This has led to serious environmental problems such as pollution and climate change. It also poses a threat to the sustainability of access to clean water sources. Recycling and reusing wastewater is currently encouraged globally and in all production fields.

Reuse wastewater plant at Bac Lieu, Vietnam 2023

Desalination sea water

We have overused groundwater, we have built too many dams, and we have exploited almost everriver, every available source of fresh water. Therefore, although there are still many barriers, desalination is becoming increasingly necessary and urgent when the reality shows that clean water sources are gradually running out. Now a day, seawater advanced technology day by day is safer, cheaper and it will become popular and widely developed around the world.

a corner of desalination plant at Quang Binh, Vietnam 2021

Ensuring water quality

Water quality is most important, because it directly affects human health as well as production efficiency. Therefore, treated water to ensure  that water quality according to usage requirements.

a water treatment system at residential building at HCMC, 2022

NTESCO – Total solution for your water

As a water treatment company that specializes in engineering and solving water quality problems with our professional team which has more than 10 years of experience in the water treatment field. At the beginning, with the mission “Resolving water crisis sustainably for better next generation” NTESCO has researched with modern technologies under consultation of leading foreign partners and experts in the region. So we committed that supply the suitable products, unique solution with reasonable cost because of customers satisfaction.