Completed project: 02 NHFM for shrimp hatchery – Binh Thuan Vietnam, 2018

02 NHFM system for Shrimp Hatchery.

Place : Bình Thuận – Vietnam, 2018

Total Capacity: 1.600 CMD


One of the crucial points in aquaculture was to secure bacteria-free feedwater to avoid any diseases affecting the shrimp. Also important was the reduction of antibiotics and chemicals to reduce the impact on the environment. Thus the customer wants to upgrade their filtration (MF) to  saver & better filtration system

With a NTESCO hollow fiber membrane system (NHFM), customer can stop bacteria from entering their tanks through the feed water. Our system will supply the clean water but still keep the essentials to have real seawater in tanks


  • 01 NHFM 50CMH for brood stock
  • 01 NHFM 30CMH for post larvae


  • Low turbidity and non bacteria (Vibrio and EHP) water.
  • Less operation cost.
  • Save land with small treatment area.