Everything you need to know about EMS in shrimp farming

In 2018, the FAO reported that world aquaculture production reached an all-time high of 114.5 million tonnes, worth $263.6 billion of farmgate sales. Crustacean production was 9.4 million tonnes, valued at $69.3 billion – 52.9 percent of which comes from Pacific whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei).

Top 10 tips for shrimp farming – the basics

Shrimp farming requires hundreds of activities on a daily basis. As Alune learns from, works with and designs standard operating procedures (SOPs) and data solutions for farms around Indonesia, we have been keeping a list of our top tips. Some you will know, but some we hope will be new and useful for your farm..m

Protection to Hepatopancreas in Shrimps

Homogeneous period: The starting feeding period of early stage of shrimp (Pl) have freak hepatopancreas function. Metabolism is the main problems during this period while bacterial infections rarely happen.