About us

Established in March 2009, Nam Trinh Environment Solution Co., Ltd. (NTESCO), the company has so far spent 10 years of construction and development. From the early days of establishment, overcoming many difficulties and challenges, until achieving remarkable achievements like today, it is thanks to generations of officials and employees of NTESCO who have had many close contribute positively to the goal of forming and building the company’s image.

10 years

To review the history of the company, affirming the position of the company and helping employees have the opportunity to meet and share about work and life, Nam Trinh Environment Solution Co., Ltd. solemnly celebrated the 10th anniversary of the company’s founding (March 2009 – March 2019), specifically as follows:

– Time: Updating…
– Location: updating …
– Participants: updating …
– Topic: Step of the future
– The content of the program:
· Looking back on memorable milestones in the 10 years journey of NTESCO
· Exchange and expand solidarity and attachment between NTESCO
Trading with NTESCO, partners/customers and between members of the Company.
· Enjoy music and cultural exchanges
· Welcome party

NTESCO Communication Board would like to officially announce the content of the 10th anniversary of the founding of Nam Trinh Environment Solution Co., Ltd. so that our partners/customers and all employees can understand.

We hope you will have enough attendance for you and the ceremony to take place successfully, recording many memorable memories.



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company milestone

Quality policy development has the goal of the highest quality standards for products and consulting services. In 2017, NTESCOs quality management system was certified ISO 9001:2015.