Protection to Hepatopancreas in Shrimps

Homogeneous period: The starting feeding period of early stage of shrimp (Pl) have freak hepatopancreas function. Metabolism is the main problems during this period while bacterial infections rarely happen.

Warning of organic pollutants from aquaculture

According to reports from the Mekong Delta provinces, the stocking areas of farm-raised shrimps have reached 708,436 ha, equal to 102% of the same period last year. The white leg shrimp farming area reached 84,519 ha, equal to 90.3% of the same period last year. Organic pollutants have been detected in provinces.

Thanh Hóa: Turn the wasteland into shrimp zones

For the last few years, white leg shrimp culture has been considered a solution to the sustainable economic development direction of coastal communes in Hậu Lộc district of Thanh Hoá province. The wasteland has been rehabilitated into a large-scale aquaculture area that follows VietGAP standards, contributing to the reduction of ocean pollution.

Shrimp farmers lose everything after flood

Heavy rain and water dumping from the upper stream caused flood, broke the embankment and washed away more than 9ha of shrimp farms in Nghĩa Hoà commune of Tư Nghĩa district, Quảng Ngãi province, leaving severe damages.

Scientist Warn: Toxic Chromium Could Form in Drinking Water Pipes

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, brought much-needed attention to the problem of potentially toxic metals being released from drinking water distribution pipes when water chemistry changes. Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Environmental Science & Technology have investigated how hexavalent chromium, known as Cr(VI), can form in drinking water when corroded cast iron pipes interact with residual disinfectant. Their findings could suggest new strategies to control Cr(VI) formation in the water supply.