Everything you need to know about EMS in shrimp farming

In 2018, the FAO reported that world aquaculture production reached an all-time high of 114.5 million tonnes, worth $263.6 billion of farmgate sales. Crustacean production was 9.4 million tonnes, valued at $69.3 billion – 52.9 percent of which comes from Pacific whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei).

Top 10 tips for shrimp farming – the basics

Shrimp farming requires hundreds of activities on a daily basis. As Alune learns from, works with and designs standard operating procedures (SOPs) and data solutions for farms around Indonesia, we have been keeping a list of our top tips. Some you will know, but some we hope will be new and useful for your farm..m

Protection to Hepatopancreas in Shrimps

Homogeneous period: The starting feeding period of early stage of shrimp (Pl) have freak hepatopancreas function. Metabolism is the main problems during this period while bacterial infections rarely happen.

Warning of organic pollutants from aquaculture

According to reports from the Mekong Delta provinces, the stocking areas of farm-raised shrimps have reached 708,436 ha, equal to 102% of the same period last year. The white leg shrimp farming area reached 84,519 ha, equal to 90.3% of the same period last year. Organic pollutants have been detected in provinces.